Training Team

The Training Team has a huge area of responsibility. The team holds classes for the Technician, General and Amateur Extra FCC licenses. In addition, the team will teach STEM related Boy Scout Merit Badge classes such as Radio, Electronics, Electricity, Digital Technology, etc. To be notified of upcoming training classes, please send an email to and ask to be added to the email list.

Our FCC license classes use the Gordon West license manuals which can be purchased directly from W5YI, Ham Radio Outlet (either in store or online at or they can be ordered from Barnes & Noble. There are two different formats for classes: 1) weekend (Friday night + Saturday or Saturday + Sunday) or 2) a series of multi-hour classes spread over a number of weeks. 

The 2 day course is meant to be more of a review class that requires individual study prior to the class. All of the questions in the pool for the exam will be covered briefly and additional time will be spent on subject areas that present problems to the attendees.

The class series will be a more traditional teaching class with each section of the exam being covered in detail.

Be sure to check the events schedule regularly for the addition of new classes and exam sessions.